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Abstracting and Indexing

IDS Abstracting and Indexing Services for Journals and Magazines

We help end-users locate the article of their interest in a vast depository of electronic publications
  • Nearly one million articles indexed every year
  • Over seven hundred thousand abstracts routinely created ongoing basis every year
  • Diverse Subject domains – Applied Sciences, Biology, Agriculture, Business, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Communication Technology, Education, Electrical Engineering, Environmental Ergonomics, General Science, Green science, Fashion, Hospitality, Humanities, Legal, Lesbian Gay Bisexuals and Transgender, Library & Information Sciences, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Political Science, Sociology, Sports, and Visual Arts, Architecture etc.
  • Multiple content sources – magazines, periodicals, journals, newspapers, books and research papers
  • Abstracts, comprised of the most important keywords of the source article, are informative and comprehensive in nature that represents the whole article. The abstracts are further granulated with a set of headings retrieved from controlled vocabulary database, which correspond to free floating keywords of the abstract