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Book Reviewing: An Art


19th, August, 2019
Book Reviewing: An Art

Book reviewing is an art as old as the books with only change being in the format of communication: it changed its oral form to written form. These days the review of a book is essential and plays the vital role of being the main influencer behind making purchasing decision for a given book. Reviews offer insights to common people to help them make prudent decision.

If you want to foray in the field of book reviewing, there are some fundamentals of this field of art that would help you write to-the-point and interesting observations. The review of the book should be authentic and present an analysis of the book providing information on the book’s subject, strengths and weaknesses and context.3

Ideally, a book review should provide following information to the audience:

a) a short summary of the book,
b) Information about the author,
c) Information about the topic, and
d) Proper evaluation of the content.

A book reviewer should always assume, at the time of writing the summary of the book, that the audience has not read the book. The summary should address the book’s main topics and ideas and should explain that that why these topics and ideas matter.

The reviewer should always research the topic of the book, even if the work he/she is reviewing is a fiction.

The reviewer should also be aware of the background of the author, his/her previous works or the topics on which the author usually writes and the areas where the author is influential.

The review should conclude with the evaluation of the book. It should not be just the reviewer’s opinion about the book, but it should be his/her assessment of the book’s strengths and weaknesses. It can have personal opinions but those must be backed with solid reasons. It should also highlight where the book stands in meeting its stated objectives.

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