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  • US based premier world resource for academic and legal research information services, the Client hosts legal research databases containing full text for more than 400 of the most respected scholarly law publications with information on current issues, studies, thoughts and trends of the legal world

Client Requirements

  • Capture legal metadata content from articles belonging to publications covering wide range of legal topics including criminal justice, ethics, federal law, international law, labor and human resource law, medical law, organized crime and the environment into their database to make it easier for their customers to search articles about specific court cases or laws
  • Capture an article's main citations of Court Cases or Statutes (Citations to be captured when a case or a statute is a major focus of the article )
  • Metadata to be captured and tagged with client proprietary tagging:
    • for both Plaintiff v. Defendant as well as non-adversarial cases, and
    • for Statutes (statute name, legal code, legal citation and jurisdiction)

Our Solution

  • Deployed a team with legal educational background
  • Trainer with 10+ years of experience of metadata capture in case law projects imparted training to the team
  • Developed a production workflow to create article-wise legal tagged information files, along with necessary tracking tools to monitor employee-wise daily performance
  • Prepared a quality matrix covering all relevant areas to generate high quality daily deliverables
  • Implemented a successful pilot project to fine tune the process
  • Post approval of the pilot, started daily processing of publication articles uploaded by the client