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Native American History


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Client Requirements

  • "Own a Piece of History", an enterprise by the client, is comprised of archival issues of different magazines and publications, for which the client wanted their vendor to have the necessary infrastructure and staff with high understanding and exposure to historical content to carry out the indexing of different types of archival articles
  • They started with an authoritative bibliography of European works that relate to the Americas
    • For this, they needed to create subject headings of different articles concerning a range of subjects in printed records about the Americas written in Europe between 1493 to 1750, especially coverage of European exploration and portrayals of Native American people.
    • The subject headings had to be created using a controlled vocabulary dataset based on distinct and comprehensive guidelines. Different subjects that had to be delved into included British in America, Commerce, Discoveries, Dutch in America, French in America, Colonies of Great Britain, Jesuits (and other religious orders) in America, Pirates, and Slave trade, etc.
    • The required quality of indexed headings was 90% at field level to facilitate better search results to researchers/end users.

Our Solution

  • It was found that the content required deep understanding of American History and required specialized skill sets to represent it with subject headings from a controlled vocabulary dataset
  • Following the success of pilot, the live work was scaled up as per agreed ramp up plan. IDS team built up monthly capacity to index up to 30000 articles at the agreed SLA, helping the client to quickly release this product to the market.
  • IDS formed a team comprised of arts & humanities graduates and trained them on the nuances of American History in a comprehensive interactive training module developed for this purpose.