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  • Client is among the six largest university publishers in the US, publishing approximately 200 new books and 40 multi-issue journals each year

Client Requirements

Client needed a partner to provide typesetting and e-Publishing services for their book titles
  • Respond to global RFP aimed at assessing partner's processes, workflow methodology, production capability and pricing structure to provide deliverables deploying XML First and non-XML First workflows
  • Provide typesetting and e-Book conversion of sample book titles as per client specifications
  • Samples titles of various trim sizes and complexity levels ranging from simple titles to complexed titles with content including boxes, images, lists, non-English text, bibliographic references, tabular and math data

Our Solution

  • IDS submitted its response to RFP along with processed samples after a thorough review of client requirements. IDS samples passed the test at first go
  • Based on samples' evaluation and assessment of IDS workflows, technology and typesetting/e-conversion skills, IDS selected as a partner of choice by the client
    • Deployed experienced prepress team headed by industry specialists with 15+ years' experience
    • Each title treated as a project to be completed within defined schedule and extent
    • Downloaded edited MS, title transmittal form, art inventory, pagination instructions
    • Produced IDML coded MS according to specified design mentioned in the transmittal
    • Resize and adjusted the artwork; conducted preflight check
    • Typesetters produced sample as per design standard
    • Proofreaders approved sample; sample and extent uploaded for client approval
    • Typesetters produced First pp after sample and extent approval
    • First pp verified against design specifications and then uploaded
    • Receive revised PDF (1 to 2 stage) along with book index
    • Typesetters produced revised PDF and repeated the entire process
    • Typesetters incorporate further corrections, if any, leading to Print PDF
    • Produce Final Print PDF; conduct preflight checks; uploaded to printer
    • Upload Print PDF to CoreSource for Archiving
    • Produce ePub from print PDF; validatewith EpubCheck 4.0.2
    • QA team approved rendering; ePub 2 on IPAD/ADE; ePub3 on Azardi 2.0
    • Uploaded passed ePub file to client