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  • Leading US based provider of research databases, e-journals, magazine subscriptions, e-books and discovery service to libraries

Client Requirements

  • Efficient daily delivery of extracted and converted content from large volumes of magazine and journal titles received every day from the client. The challenge involved daily downloading of tens of gigabytes of data from FTP location, and saving the files in a specific folder on the basis of email notifications having a specific subject line. Streamlining the downloading process was thus essential in meeting the client Turn Around Time SLA

Our Solution

  • Highly skilled XML conversion team conversant with conversion of various magazine elements and editorial staff with excellent analytical and creative writing skills
  • Team of 100+ tagging staff trained for TOC creation, full text tagging, image extraction and bibliographic reference tagging
  • Editorial team of 80+ staff, trained on reading articles and indexing through appropriate search keywords and creating article abstracts as per client guidelines
  • Dedicated training cell to impart understanding of client rules/updates
  • Once the Bot identifies the email, it establishesconnection with the FTP using the supplied credentials
  • In the next step, the Bot downloads the source files to the specified server location on the basis of defined parameters
  • The Bot then releases an email confirming download status to process owners
  • As a part of the automation, IDS software engineers have applied protocols which result inerror free procedure