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IDS e-publishing services are designed to address your requirements of digital publications in entirety. Whether your requirements include publication of e-books, e-articles or building up digital libraries for internet or these include any non-network electronic publications such as publishing your digital content on CDROM/DVD, you will find IDS as your partner of choice. Our solutions reveal the richness of your digital content and will assist you in redefining and redistribution of your products and content across all e-publishing business models.

Do you have any an e-publishing model in mind? Our project management and production staff will be glad to assist you in implementing the same for your content. We will work with you in finding the optimum solution for your content for that model.

IDS XML workflows are designed to accept content in various forms and can be easily integrated with traditional print publishing workflow to satisfy your needs for e-publishing along with publishing in traditional media. Our services use advanced XML and XHTML authoring tools to create structured content compatible across all e-publishing media. The use of XML also offers an inexpensive way to archive data electronically without fear of incompatibility or rapid obsolescence.

  • Whether you have old editions, legacy back files or on going content which you want converted in E-books/ E-articles with or without final print PDF, you will find IDS as partner of your choice
  • Whether your content is in the form of Hard copy, PDF, DTP application files or XML files, IDS will meet your e-publishing requirements
  • IDS can provide all popular E-book formats "Reflowable", "Fixed format" as well as "Audio read aloud" books and meet the requirement of most of the prevalent readers in the market such as Sony, Adobe Digital edition, Kindle, Nook, IPAD, i-phone Stanza etc. thus ensuring widest reach to your content
  • Whether you are an e-article provider, commercial e-publisher, subsidy e-publisher, follow POD or any other model, IDS can provide services to assist you in meeting your client requirements
  • If you are not sure of which format to use at present for your eBook? Do not worry, IDS solution will ensure easy transformation of your eBook from one format to another format at a later stage at minimum cost
  • IDS understands the data size and screen display limitations of the popular eBook readers in the market and our specialists will work with you in fine tuning your specifications to ensure that your clients get to see the closest possible reproduction of your content on their readers and with the highest text accuracy
  • IDS has experience of creating E-books for novels, humanities, literature as well as for complex technical content including engineering content
  • On an average around 40,000 book title pages are converted every month to ePub and other eBook formats. This includes highly complex titles(complex science titles, scholarly monographs, dictionaries and reference books.)