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Electronic Data Conversion

IDS provides a variety of electronic conversion solutions to support clients by giving a consistent structure to their content. Our solutions enable digital conversion of your current as well as backfiles content to support more efficient digital distribution and normalization of all publications. Our production team and project managers actively work with our clients to assist them in repurposing their content and in redefining the value of their information.

Converting content across media and coding/formats

IDS provides customized and time tested solutions to support your data conversion initiatives. We have services and solutions for all your needs to convert data from one media to another media and from one coding/format to another coding/format. Our services include:
  • Conversion of data from Hard copy/ Image files/ soft files on any media to XML
  • HTML, XML, SGML tagging and coding as per client DTD or Schema
  • E-books converting to Kindle (.PRC/Mobi, Kf8), epub(2.0/3.0) from WORD/PDF/hard copy/XML
  • PDF to WORD, XML; XML to PDF
  • XML to InDesign, XHTML
  • Transformation of XML from one DTD, Schema to another DTD, Schema
  • Financial document conversion and indexing Deed and Mortgage, assignments and releases as well as supplemental keying for various US county data bases
  • Indexing (M)SDS documents per GHS format

IDS specialize in high accuracy data conversion

Our content conversion processes are based on in house designed work flows and can be easily altered and tuned to meet your customized project requirements.
  • Our processes are based on six sigma techniques (DMAIC) and operate under SQC checkpoints thereby consistently ensuring 99% and higher tagging accuracies
  • XML first, customized MIS and work flow
  • Demonstrated expertise in high volume conversion of data / backfiles
  • Customized workflow to support integration of XML content with InDesign and E-books

IDS domain knowledge and expertise

  • Business relationships since last several years with leading publishers, knowledge service providers and aggregators in the US and UK
  • Conversion of over one hundred thousand back file hard copy journal pages to XML for a leading UK publisher every month for over 3 years
  • Case law conversion of over three hundred thousand pages to XML from Hard copy/ PDF for a leading legal publisher and knowledge service provider
  • High volume bibliographic references conversion to XML to the tune of three hundred thousand references each month for over 5 years for one of world's largest US content aggregator
  • Conversion of complex technical engineering and scientific content from PDF/ WORD to XML
    • Eighty thousand technical standards pages converted in a single month on special request
  • XML to XML conversion (Different DTD's to client DTD) for a leading US knowledge service provider
    • One hundred thousand bibliographic references converted every month as on-going basis for over 5 years
  • Capturing/cropping/editing of images along with their associated data elements and converting captured Meta data elements into XML per defined DTD
    • Over a million images data converted every year on an on- going basis
  • Capturing relevant information from documents to populate excel/access or RDBMS databases
    • Over 70,000 financial records created every month for over 3 years
  • Over 1 million articles meta data files created every year for leading US based knowledge service provider
  • Full text conversion of over 1 million pages every year to XML and other client proprietary tagging formats