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Enabling the research students overcome the research hurdle….


1st, April, 2019
Enabling the research students overcome the research hurdle

One of the focus areas of different library strategies remains the research impediments faced by the first-year college students—to this extent, libraries are on a lookout to find ways to help them be at ease using the library resources and the available information tools.

Following are a few ways a proprietary library information system enriched with summary articles (Abstracting & Indexing products) prepared by IDS can help them in this regard:

Proper Information Display With IDS Solutions:

One of the most prominent library solution display highlights and popular search results, which ensures the ease for first-year college students to locate the data of their interests. Positioning most sought after and popular research content at the top of search results in library information systems, helps researchers connect quickly with the right information, thereby removing the guesswork of searching. These solutions also offer links to citable, proprietary summary articles prepared by IDS for a range of popular research topics, as IDS’ summary articles are quality-rich and pin pointed to the extent of being the exact miniature of the source publication.
Adolescent Psychology of Instant Access
First-year college students are normally attuned to “prompt” results of technology and Internet. This adolescent psychology holds true for their quest for research information too, irrespective of the depth of information they need to dig into. Libraries can satisfy this “instant access need” of these young researchers by facilitating one-click links to summary articles prepared by IDS and finally to the full-text articles. Customized information service to student groups of specific majors ensures removal of information noise for them and improves the precision of a first-year college student’s search quest.

IDS Solutions:

Library systems take the help of IDS’ high quality, narrow index terms, which help locate most popular and trendy content.

Aforesaid features of a proprietary library information system along with IDS summary articles has created a customized and seamless research experience for everyone in general and first-year college students in particular.