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Indexing service as a key component offering access points to articles


20th, May, 2019
Indexing service as a key component offering access points to articles

Journal indexing plays an enormously essential role in enhancing the researchability, and readability of published articles. Indexing is a process wherein relevant metadata associated with a scientific or academic article is used to make its retrieval easier. The process entails analysis of a published resource and systematic identification and selection of key concepts and terms from a database that uses controlled vocabulary, ensuring terminological consistency and facilitating information retrieval.

Indexing helps in categorization of articles under specified headings, providing researchers an access point to the information sought by them. Indexing of an article amplifies its discoverability in research databases or in search engines. Once a journal is indexed, based on the comprehensive terminology used by a database, it is immediately accessible to all users of that database.

When it comes to the publishing industry that caters to scholarly research, indexing has a specific target of filtering out terms that are appropriate and accurate for the article and matching its focus.

At IDS Infotech Ltd., our highly-skilled workforce uses the abstracting and indexing methodology in identifying the best keywords, that act as metadata for a given scholarly or general interest article, and represent them in their abstracts and indexing terms. The abstracting and indexing output generated by our professionals are very accurate and assists researchers in finding the articles they are interested in.

The concept of controlled vocabulary in indexing is coming into forefront in the 21st century with the spurt in production and consumption of volumes of data globally in the daily basis. So the need of some system to manage such data is imperative. In IDS, through the use of controlled vocabulary of indexing we classify or break down the taxonomy of each keyword available in the database as a mathematical formula. Every indexed term from the database has a pre-defined categorization which aids in its appropriate selections. Assigned indexing terms of a published article paints an in-depth reflection of an article’s overall content, thus assisting researchers in precisely determining their required information.

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