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Innovation in healthcare industry through new aged technologies


12th, June, 2019

The world is moving fast and technological advancements are seen everywhere. The improbability of yester years are a daily happening these days. Robotic process automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are leaving their mark everywhere. The standard medical care practice is also witnessing frequent technological innovations. Robotics has made significant inroads to the established medical practices and it is now being thought that robots may play a bigger part in healing the sick than doctors in the time to come.

Some of the prominent medical robotic systems include the daVinci robot assisted surgery system, gyroscopically actuated robotic limbs, endoscopy bots, robotic exoskeletons which help paralyzed people walk again, targeted therapy micro-robot, AI diagnostics, and robotic assisted biopsy and many more. The latest in this field of medical technology is the development of a Face Recognition technology that automatically responds to ICU patients in their need of help. Such system will be a boon for the ICU patient care which requires exhaustive human resource to cater to the needs of such patients.

According to a research presented at the Euroanaesthesia congress in Vienna, Austria, the automated risk detention system they have developed based on the Face Recognition technology acts as a continuous monitor of patients’ safety and assists in observing critically-ill patients at their bedside. Dr. Akane Sato from Yokohama City University Hospital who headed the research team said the system was trained to recognize high-risk arm movement with the help of various facial images of a patient. She was impressed with the degree of accuracy of the system’s performance and holds that this new technology has the potential to be a useful tool for improving patient safety, the first step for a smart ICU.