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Multilingual Services

IDS specializes in multilanguage data capture, data conversion and typesetting services.

  • IDS capabilities include precision data capture and conversion of content in its native language to multiple digital products for supporting eBooks, XML and various other deliverables
  • We have affordable, proven technology and efficient processes in place to support Non-English and Non Latin character set language data conversion from a variety of source media such as hard copy, images, PDF, WORD and DTP application files
  • We have tested and processed foreign language source content with powerful OCR technology coupled with machine translation to support the translation of your foreign language content
  • We assist you in exploring ways to move your content from "localized" to more "globalized" diverse multi language digital solutions
  • IDS experience includes accurate capturing of multilingual content in UTF-8 text format from (M)SDS documents in Chinese, French, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Slovak, Greek, Turkish, Bulgarian, Russian, Hungarian, Hebrew, Croatian and other languages
  • IDS staff captured and converted metadata information pertaining to over 300,000 trademarks every month, ongoing basis, for over 5 years, from trademark gazettes received from 130+ countries