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Book Reviewing: An Art


19th, August, 2019

Book reviewing is an art as old as the books with only change being in the format of communication: it changed its oral form to written form. These days the review of a book is essential and plays the vital…

Changing Insurance Business Model Due to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


21st, June, 2019

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are increasingly finding their way into the business world and many business processes have been streamlined using artificial intelligence. The vast amount of data generated everyday needs intelligent processing and analysis and machine learning…

Innovation in healthcare industry through new aged technologies


12th, June, 2019

The world is moving fast and technological advancements are seen everywhere. The improbability of yester years are a daily happening these days. Robotic process automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are leaving their mark everywhere. The standard medical care practice…

Indexing service as a key component offering access points to articles


20th, May, 2019

Journal indexing plays an enormously essential role in enhancing the researchability, and readability of published articles. Indexing is a process wherein relevant metadata associated with a scientific or academic article is used to make its retrieval easier. The process entails…

Enabling the research students overcome the research hurdle….


1st, April, 2019

One of the focus areas of different library strategies remains the research impediments faced by the first-year college students—to this extent, libraries are on a lookout to find ways to help them be at ease using the library resources and…