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Prepress Services

IDS end to end solutions cover the entire gamut of the prepress spectrum.

We provide the entire range of prepress services to publishers of books, journals and magazines.

Our services include:

    IDS editing team is well trained and headed by a leader with 15+ years of industry experience. IDS editorial staff is conversant with industry styles and trained to perform both US and UK lexicons.

    Operations include:

  • Preparing style sheet; getting approval from publisher
  • Editing MS as per style sheet and copyediting check list
  • Light, Medium and Heavy copy editing
  • IDS copyeditors are well versed with and follow "The Chicago Manual of Style-16th edition" and "Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary - 11th edition" as references. These are supplemented as necessary by the most current editions of "Merriam-Webster's Biographical Dictionary", "Merriam-Webster's Geographical Dictionary", other foreign-language dictionaries, and standard prescribed guides such as "A Dictionary of Modern American Usage", by Bryan A. Garner.

    Some essential features of daily work include:

  • Checking spelling, capitalization, punctuation, hyphenation, consistent treatment of numbers, as well as obvious and indisputable errors of grammar, syntax, and usage
  • Checking notes or in-text citations are checked against the corresponding entries in the bibliography. Each note is checked against its corresponding main text for relevance
  • Checking all figures, tables, and other illustrative material are checked against the accompanying text and caption for consistency and relevance
  • Front matter (FM), Text Matter (TM) and Back Matter (BM) specifications implementation as per the publisher standards
  • Check contents page against chapters, check numbering of footnotes / endnotes, tables & figures
  • Check alphabetization of bibliography or reference list; read footnote, endnotes or in-text citations against bibliography or reference list
  • Thorough reading of manuscript for style, sense and structure
  • Correct errors in Grammar, syntax and usage
  • Reconstruction and reorganization of text etc.

    IDS only deploy full time project managers. All our project managers have 10+ years of experience. IDS offer complete project management solution:

  • Liaison with publishers and editors
  • Author liaisoning and query resolution
  • Production scheduling
  • Approvals at various production stages
    • sample pages
    • art galleys
    • box/table galleys
    • page proofs
    • book index
    • final pp

    Our art team addresses your requirements of art rendering and graphics solutions for books, manuals, journals, dictionaries, encyclopedias and reference works. Our services include:

  • Line art creation
  • Image masking
  • Image outlining
  • Color corrections
  • Relabeling and redrawing of maps and illustrations
  • Origination and adjustment of illustrations and drawings
  • Hi end color scanning
  • Conversion of RGB to CMYK
  • Color correction/manipulation as required
  • Incorporation of illustrations into typeset pp

    IDS team of over one hundred professionals work round the clock to offer you unmatched composition services for books, journals, technical standards, manuals, dictionaries, encyclopedias and reference work.

    We are specialist typesetters, well conversant with known DTP application platforms. We routinely typeset complex jobs consisting of heavily tabular and mathematical data with special symbols and equations.

    We can manage all your publishing requirements. Following lists some typical ways (by no means a complete list) we receive projects from our clients:

  • Receive WORD files with marked up manuscript image files for books along with technical specifications and necessary art work for typesetting for producing first proof pages, followed by 2 to 3 revisions to produce print ready PDF
  • Receive clean word files for journals typesetting to produce first proof pages followed by 1 to 2 revisions to produce print ready PDF
  • Receive 'images only' of old editions without specifications and with edits so as to typeset and produce reprints and new edition of books and journals on a defined application platform
  • Receipt of hard copy books through courier for producing the typesetting application files on desired DTP application platforms
  • Receive DTP application files with edits for corrections and repagination
  • Convert files from an existing application file to another coding format for flowing into a particular DTP package
  • Product web ready PDF's with XML metadata along with print ready PDF
  • As opposed to only page composition requests, we routinely implement projects covering entire production cycle i.e. beginning from copy editing of MS, raising author queries and author interaction, typesetting, revisions leading up to production of print ready PDF followed by other required e-publishing deliverables
  • Above is by no means an exhaustive list. Please do let us know of your customized requirements and our project managers will be delighted to assist you

    IDS has demonstrated capability backed by over 15 years of service to handle and deliver all your composition requirements:

  • Application files corresponding to the typesetting platforms InDesign, Quark, Frame Maker, PageMaker, MSWORD etc. We are specialists in InDesign, Quark, FrameMaker and WORD workflows
  • Support for all trim sizes
  • Availability of all popular fonts
  • Print ready HI RES PDF files
  • TIFF, JPEG, GIF, EPS, PSD, etc
  • Web enabled PDF
  • Book Indexing
    • Subject
    • Name
    • Taxonomic
  • Archiving

IDS offers both "XML first" and "XML Last" integrated workflows based on your DTD or schema to deliver structured XML documents along with print ready PDF and E-books. Our services include generating style sheets from client DTD to deliver XML files conforming to DTD and specification at various production stages (page-proof/revision/issue) in the production process. We can also assist you in development of your DTD. All XML content is one hundred percent parsed and certified through validation software before upload.

    Our services cover all segments of book and journal publishing

    IDS service the requirements of all major segments:

  • Humanities, social sciences, STM Journals
  • Trade books
  • Children books
  • Professional and technical books
  • El-hi (K-12)
  • Higher education text books
  • Religious books
  • Dictionaries
  • Literature � Fiction, Nonfiction, poetry
  • Legal case law

    Service highlights

    Over 30,000 pages typeset every month for leading US and UK publishers and university presses.

  • Specialists in typesetting/composition of complex technical material, including complex math, figures, and tables. We have been typesetting STM, academic, K12 technical and Math books and Journals for known publishers in the UK and US market for the last 15 years
  • Round the clock 24X6 operations to support all global time zones
  • Dedicated account managers available on phone and e-mail in all three shifts to ensure that there are no communication glitches
  • Experts in both MAC and PC environment
  • Availability of latest as well as older versions of DTP application packages
  • Deploy all the latest plug in, patches and standalone utilities to support setting of mathematical and complex data. Well conversant with MATHTYPE, POWERMATH for InDesign and Quark, InMath for InDesign as well as other applications such as Math Monarch etc.
  • Ability to create document templates when one does not already exist or when only a general design concept is available
  • Demonstrated capability of outputting in multiple file formats (e.g., Quark, InDesign, XML, PDF, MS Word) that conform to your specifications or industry standards so as to facilitate printer follow through
  • Ability to work cross platforms and transfer files from one platform to the other
  • We routinely work ( since past several years) with two and four color documents which includes applying color to charts, working with duotones, adding black to darken spot colors, etc.