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"This is the cleanest set of page proofs that I have seen in a while-they really look great. This is quite a feat given how many kind of pieces that IDS had to fit in the puzzle".

--Senior editor, one of the largest university presses in USA

"The IDS team is doing a tremendous job, we couldn't ask for better partners".

--Manager, Supply chain management, one of the world's largest content aggregators and provider of knowledge services, based in USA

"I would like to thank you and your staff for the excellent and quick work you have done on making reprint corrections to the Manual. Your team did an amazing job handling a very long list of complicated changes. Your work on this project has a significant impact on our ability to reprint and sell corrected copies of this title. We appreciate the efforts of your team very much.".

--Managing Editor, a leading university press in USA

"THANK YOU SO MUCH for your extra efforts to get this project out so quickly. It is much appreciated".

--Production Editor, Reputed US based publishing solutions provider

"I have worked with IDS on hundreds of typesetting projects over the past 15 years and they have handled every curve-ball I threw at them with understanding, care and total efficiency. IDS have navigated near-impossible demands on scheduling and budgets with flawless results and I cannot recommend them and their work highly enough".

--Managing Director, one of the UK's oldest names in typesetting

"The IDS team continues to provide quality solutions based on each of our unique requirements".

--Director Technical Services renowned US SDO dedicated to welding industry

"We are so pleased that you and your team are our partners in digitizing our papers and books. The effectiveness of the process and the output provided as well as your communication are exceptional".

--Manager, Content Management, premier US based resource for automotive, aerospace and commercial vehicles standards

"IDS had given us quick turnarounds, proactive communication, consistent quality, and great prices on our ebook conversions, with an efficient but flexible workflow that accommodates complex conversions and provides speedy work on simple ebooks".

--Editing Technology Analyst, a leading university press in USA

"IDS is a preferred pre-press vendor. They have, over seven years, consistently provided a high level of service and quality to us. In a converging technological world they are always alive to the needs and requirements of our company and, since 2006, have been our single biggest supplier in the area of archive content digitization".

--Global Journals Production and Distribution Director, UK based international academic publisher